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Group Riding

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Group Riding Guidelines

On the Road

  • Watch for signals from the Road Captain. Turning, Staggered or Single file, Slow or Speed up, Pointing out Hazards, so forth.
  • When signals are given pass them back through the group.
  • Staggered formation is the norm on most roads, but watch for the Road Captains signals.
  • Ideally, in staggered formation you should follow the bike directly ahead by 2 seconds and the bike in the left or right lane position by 1 second.
  • PRIME DIRECTIVE: Don't hit the bike in front of you....or any other Bike!!!!!!
  • When the group changes lanes on a multi-lane highway all riders will maintain their positions within the lane. Sweep will reposition into the new lane to open a gap for the rest of the group to enter as possible.
  • The Road Captain will increase his/her speed when passing any vehicle to provide room for the following bikes.
  • The Road Captain will sometimes stay in the passing lane after passing, as long as the road is clear, to create a large gap ahead of the passed vehicle.
  • Following bike pass as individual riders and return to staggered formation.
  • The Sweep rider will follow at the back of the group and will stop to help any rider who has to drop out of the group. When the Sweep stops to help someone, the last rider in the group becomes the Sweep and will inform the Road Captain at the next stop.
  • If you need to leave the group signal riders around you and exit to the side.
  • ACCIDENT: If a mishap occurs with a rider in the group the Sweep will stop to render assistance. Other riders should continue with the group. Do not create congestion on the roadway in the area of the mishap. USE EXTREME CAUTION!!!!!!!

Group Riding Guidelines

Common Sense

  • Group riding requires the full attention of all the participants. Riding in a group does not relieve any of the participants of their responsibility to exercise good judgment and does not place the responsibility for rider personal safety on the Road Captains. Riders should know their skill limits, and ride within those limits.
  • A "Road Captain" will lead the group. Watch for his/her directions and signals. A "Sweep" rider (road captain) will ride at the rear of the group to assist the lead Road Captain.
  • All riders are expected to be ready to depart the group ride assembly point with a full tank of fuel, an empty bladder, and be appropriately clothed, and prepared to ride for at least one hour before next stop. Kickstands up at the appointed time.
  • Large riding groups may be split into small groups of 8-12, each group will be lead by a Road Captain and Sweep.
  • If you have any concerns about the group ride speak to the Road Captains and they will try to address them.

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