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Road Captains Guidelines Manual

If you would like to become a candidate for Road Captain, which we feel is one of the most important volunteer positions in our HOG chapter. The "Road Captain Training Manual" is for you to review. Then simply notify us at or another Road Captain to be considered for this position. Once you have satisfactorily completed the requirements your mentor will sign your "Road Captain Certification"
Chad Bearinger
Head Road Captain
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Cancellation Guidelines

Ride Posting and Cancellation Guidelines
January 2023

Road Captain Events

  1. Road Captain (RC) submit rides using the Ride Planner on the website
  2. Photo submission to when Chapter Photographer is not in attendance.

Cancellation Notice

  1. RC to call Head Road Captain (Chad Bearinger 402-641-6844)
    1. If Head Road Captain cannot be reached call the Director (Gary 402-817-8872)
    2. If Director cannot be reached call the Assistant Director (Teri 402-450-6648)
  2. Dinner rides need to be canceled by 3pm the day of a 6pm ride.
  3. Cancellations that are not weather related should be made a minimum of one day before event
  4. Weather related cancellations should be made ASAP

Remember, safety is an absolute priority, it is the RCs call on whether to ride or not.

Contact information for 2022

  1. Head Road Captain - Chad Bearinger - - 402-641-6844
  2. Director - Gary Wimmer - - 402-817-8872
  3. Assistant Director - Teri King - - 402-450-6648

Report any volunteers used for the ride to the Head Road Captain, NOT to the Volunteer Coordinator

Road Captains

Chad B
Chad Bearinger
Head Road Captain
Chris B
Chris Benson
Brad C
Brad Christian
Teri K
Teri King
Kenny D
Kenny Duckers
Bruce G
Bruce Gubser
Jay Ridenour
Tom M
Tom Meyer
Tina Seacrest
Robert W
Robert Welch
Gary W
Gary Wimmer
Becky W
Becky Witt

Tommy A
Tommy Arnt

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