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  •             Enjoy the Great Fall Temps and Colors !!   Ride Safe !!

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This is a reprint of a CLASSIC  HOG Safety Article from 2009

Howdy to All: Well it’s my favorite time of year for riding. The weather gets cool enough in the morning and the evenings to wear a jacket comfortably. My Scooter runs great and sounds even better. How so ever, there are a few things we need to watch out for…..as if we didn’t have enough all ready.
Harvest season and hunting season will get all the beasties up and running. Deer, turkeys, geese, pheasants and all kinds of small ground hugging critters will be on the road or crossing it. Some will not make it across and will have passed on to wherever critters pass too. Remember, if you could eat it in one meal you can probably drive over it. Spot what it is you need to avoid and then look where you want to go….NOT at the object you want to avoid. When you see those deer crossing signs slow up, keep your right hand resting on the break lever and look everywhere. They put those signs up where the most carcasses are counted but critters can be anywhere.
Another critter to watch out for this time of year is the football fan, both in town and on the highways. We know they migrate from all over. Their main concern is for the game and not you on your scooter. However when there is a game; Going too or Coming from, Win or Loose, their concentration could be even worse. Fans are often Happy, Celebrating a little too much, Sad or Depressed. The medicine is the same for each, but the attitude is worse for the latter.
As Always…..
Remember, ride with a good attitude and watch out for those darn cars!!
John Thompson   aka Mr. Lucky


  • Wednesday October 14th  Frontier HD's 110 Workshop. 6pm  Go BIG or Go Home !!!
  • Sunday October 25th  A Nice Day Ride.  Meet at Frontier HD at Noon. Details as they become available.
  • Saturday October 31st  9AM  Officer's meeting in the HOG Pen
  • Saturday October 31st   10AM to 2PM   HOG Club Membership Event at Frontier H-D
  • Tuesday November 3rd  Chapter Meeting and Roundup.  Social and Dinner at 5:30, Meeting at 6:30.  Grub is prepared by the World Famous Iron Slobs, and it is only $7 a person.  The Best Buy In The WHOLE DANG STATE!!!
  • Saturday December 12th  Christmas Pot Luck Party in the HOG Pen and December Meeting. Officers to bring Deserts.
  • Saturday January 16th  5:30pm in the HOG Pen.  Annual CHILI CookOff.  It will be a HOT Time !!!!  Don't Miss IT !!!!



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As a large and very active chapter, Frontier HOG along with Frontier H-D conducts many events and activities through out the year. You can e-mail webmaster@frontierhog.com with any suggestions you may have.

Roundup Meetings

Monthly Meetings

Round Ups are our Monthly meetings that are the first Tuesday of the month. They are held at the HOG Pen located at Frontier Harley-Davidson. The social time starts at 5:30 and dinner starts at 6:00 pm. The meeting starts at 6:30 and last about 1 hour.

NEW Mileage Program

Ready to Ride?

Breakfast and Dinner rides will start at Frontier H-D. Try to be there 15 minutes early for the pre-ride instructions...full of gas and an empty tummy! Breakfast rides; kickstands up at 8:00 am unless otherwise noted. Dinner rides; kickstands up at 6:00 pm. Ride, Have fun, Be Safe, Keep the Wind in your Face!

Roads Report

The State of Nebraska has a very useful monthly road construction map on their website. This is great to check out before going on that ride and finding the road closed or being milled or fresh asphalt. You can zoom in on the map for more detailed view.View Construction Map 

Visit the full Nebraska Department of Roads Website