Road Captain Duties Performed Before the Pre-Ride Briefing

  • Researched and Identified Route to Destination (Pre-Ride of the route conducted, if necessary)
  • Identify Sweep, RC and Sweep exchange Cell numbers and discuss route, stops, and relevant information
  • Suggest you carry Tool kit, First Aid kit, and Cell phones

Pre-Ride Briefing

  • Welcome to all and Thank You for coming. Our goal is to Ride and Have Fun, Safely!
  • If necessary, break larger groups into 10 bike groups, identify the new RC, Sweeps, and departure times
  • Discuss route, stops, final destinations. The use of maps or handouts is up to each Road Captain
  • Discuss plans for the trip home, we do not want to leave riders stranded
  • Any other safe riding tips per Road Captain's discretion


Road Captains Guidelines Manual

If you would like to become a candidate for Road Captain, which we feel is one of the most important volunteer positions in our HOG chapter. The "Road Captain Training Manual" is for you to review. Then simply notify us at headroadcaptain@frontierhog.com or another Road Captain to be considered for this position. Once you have satisfactorily completed the requirements your mentor will sign your "Road Captain Certification"

Gary W.
Head Road Captain

  Road Captain Manual

  Ride Planner

  Pre-Ride Meeting Checklist


Cancellation Guidelines

Cancellation Guidelines
Event Posting, Distribution & Cancellation Guidelines

Frontier HOG Chapter #4367

March 2018

Road Captain Events
1) RC emails event, date & location to Head Road Captain.
2) Head Road Captain emails #1 to Webmaster & Director.
3) Webmaster adds event to the web site Calendar on Main Page when the event falls into that time period.

Other Events
1) Event Coordinator emails event date, location, flyer, etc, to Director.
2) Director emails #1 to Webmaster for inclusion in Calendar on Main Page.

RoundUp Handouts
1) Copy the Events from the web site Main Page and make copies for distribution at the R/U.

Cancellation Notice
1) Event coordinator to call Webmaster.
2) If Webmaster cannot be reached, call the Director.
3) Event coordinator to also call Frontier H-D at 466-9100 with cancellation notice.

NOTE: Dinner Ride cancellations are to be made by 3 pm for rides scheduled to leave at 6 pm.
Breakfast Ride cancellations are to be made by 8 pm the previous day for rides scheduled to leave at 8 am.

Contact Information for 2020

Webmaster - Jan - webmaster@frontierhog.com  402-304-8765

Director - Ken - director@frontierhog.com 402-440-8881

Head Road Captain - Teri - headroadcaptain@frontierhog.com 402-450-6648

Road Captains

Picture Name Contact Info

Teri King
Head Road Captain


Alan Baldwin


Chris Benson


Tony Ceraolo


Brad Christian


Ken Dahlke


Kenny Duckers


Bruce Gubser


Chad Bearinger


Jack Hunter


Lori Hunter


Brian Johnson


Gary Wimmer


Stephen Kuchar (Kojak)


Dave Lambrecht


Ron Love


Greg Meier


Tom Meyer


Bruce Petersen


Tina Seacrest


Adam Simmerman


Lanette Simmerman


Robert Welch


Steve Wilson


Becky Witt