Harley Owners Group

The Riding Chapter

Lincoln, Nebraska


2 Million Mile Program


2020 Mileage Program Results 


We had 82 bikes participate

Total miles 576,903



Teri King with total of 34,004 miles and Winner of Free Tires donated by Frontier Harley Davidson with bragging rights for the year


1st Place                Ken Dahlke with 32,029 miles ($100 gift card)

2nd  Place             Steve Fenster with 24,621 miles ($75 gift card)

3rd Place               Tina Seacrest with 13,836 miles ($50 gift card)

4th Place               Robert Welch with 13,052 miles

5th Place               Mike Banahan with 12,310 miles

6th Place               Brian Sermeno with 12,190 miles

7th Place               Tom Meyer with 11,001 miles

8th Place        Rick Rosenau with 10,319 miles

9th Place        Dan Keller with 8,977 miles

10th Place             Alan Baldwin with 8,751 miles


1st Place Beck Witt with 21,028 miles ($100 gift card)

2nd Place         Tamara Ward with 9,692 miles

3rd Place         Karla Hays with 9,311 miles


1st Place Carrie Sermeno with 8,663 miles ($100 gift card)

2nd Place Sharon Waters with 7,230 miles

3rd Place                Lori Hunter with 6,322 miles



1st Place         Lynn Barnett with 4,447 miles ($100 gift card)


Drawing winners for $50 gift cards:

Sharon Waters, Lynette Simmerman, Brian Johnson, Ken Dahlke X2, Dan Keller, Andrea Pomajzl, Bruce Peterson, Craig Chestnut X2, Tina Seacrest, Sherri Bridges, Mike Banahan, Robert Wink, David Lambrecht, Carla Hays, Jeff Broughton, Brian Sermeno, Alan Baldwin, Mark Tays



We have a goal to log 2 Million Miles collectively as Frontier H.O.G. – “The Riding Chapter”. The program is designed for riders to “Ride and Have Fun” and to recognize those who put miles of highway behind them. It is open and free to current Frontier H.O.G. Members. All you have to do is sign-up, get your starting and ending mileages read, and to Chase the Sun & Follow the Wind.


Starting Mileage Read and Sign-up:  Beginning in May at Cinco de Mayo Poker Run, May’s Chapter Roundup Meeting, & at the Women’s Bike Show/Law Ride. After these events you can sign up at any meeting or chapter sponsored event by any HOG Officer, stop at the dealership during business hours and as the Frontier H-D staff, or at the discretion of a Frontier HOG Primary Officer.


Ending Mileage Read: On or before the same events previously mentioned above as sign-up, only a year later. If you won’t be around any of those events, get your bike read earlier. If you are trading or selling your bike, have mileage read prior to sale and then after you get your new bike.


Mileage Classes: We will have four classes: Touring, Cruiser, Sportster (Bikes will fall into classes based on Harley Davidson frame classification) and a class for Women.


Awards: We are striving for 2 Million Miles! If we are able to collectively, as a chapter, make this goal everyone that participates with a minimum of 2000 miles will receive a patch or pin (yet to be decided or designed).


Certificate of Achievement to 1st thru 3rd place in Cruisers, Sportsters, and Women’s


Certificate of Achievement to 1st thru 10th place in Touring


$100 Frontier HD Gift Card to 1st place in each of the four listed divisions.


$75 and $50 gift cards to the H.O.G. member participants who didn’t win their division and receive a $100 gift card award who logged the next two highest number of miles irrespective of division or gender.  Top Tread award winner is not eligible for this award.


Top Tread – The participating member with the highest overall mileage of any participant regardless of class - Free Tires courtesy of Frontier Harley-Davidson. (Top Tread winner ineligible for any other class awards) (tires must be for Top Tread winner’s bike and must be mounted by Frontier H-D.)


$$ Mileage Lottery – For every 500 miles that a member participant logs during the year of the mileage program, they will have their name entered in a random drawing.  There will be 20 -$50 Frontier H-D Gift Cards given away in this drawing. You may win multiple gift cards. Example – If you log 21,575 miles you will have 43 slips of paper with your name on them put into the drawing. The more miles you ride the better your chances are to win $$$.

Mileage Program

Frontier's Mileage Program

That's right, your Frontier HOG Chapter logged a documented 1.5 million miles in 2008, believed to be one of the first HOG Chapters in the world to do so. Congrats to all who entered! As a reward, a whole bunch of us split up $2,000 worth of gift cards at the Chapter meeting, compliments of your Frontier HOG Chapter and your sponsoring dealer, Frontier Harley-Davidson.
This year....Let's DO  IT  AGAIN !!!!