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Lincoln, Nebraska


Greetings from Frontier HOG Chapter 2698!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the world’s greatest HOG Chapter? The way to make that happen is to join us in Lincoln, Ne., at Frontier HOG where lasting relationships are formed.
Frontier HOG began in 1987 when Dave and Deb Fischer opened Frontier Harley-Davidson. Since that time the chapter has grown by leaps and bounds reaching over 800 members. Our members come from diverse backgrounds but all share the same passion and desire for the open road.
The reason behind our growth is simple. We live by our motto to ‘Ride and Have Fun’. Our calendar is filled throughout the year with dinner and breakfast rides, overnight rides, poker runs, motorcycle rallies, winter events, Round-ups (monthly meetings) and more.
In 2007 Dave and Deb Fischer went beyond all expectations and built the current HOG Pen on the site of Frontier Harley-Davidson’s new complex at 205 NW 40th. St. with a seating capacity of nearly 200. the HOG Pen is our gathering place for monthly Round-ups, meetings, and all types of fun, H-D motorcycle related events.
If you share our passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles we invite you to come out and give us a look. If a Frontier HOG officer is not available, the friendly staff at Frontier H-D will gladly give you a tour. We would be honored to have you join our great group of folks who love to ride. Our dues are $20 per year, and we promise to give you your money’s worth in fun times with the world’s greatest HOG members.
Director, 2014

What to Expect

When you come one of our monthly Round-Ups in the HOG Pen or any other Frontier HOG event, take a look around and you will see a lot of people with all kinds of backgrounds. Our chapter is a very diverse group of individuals and therein lies the beauty of it all. We all share common interest, that of course is motorcycles, riding, and having a good time. I encourage you to become a regular attending member, and enjoy good times we have together. It is exciting to meet and get to know other people.

Some of our most enjoyable times have been with people we have met through Frontier HOG. We have traveled many miles, had many laughs along the way, enjoyed the beautiful countryside, "And the wind in your face".

World's Greatest HOG Chapter

Dear Friend,

Welcome to the World’s Greatest H.O.G. Chapter! Deb and I are extremely proud to be the sponsors of this elite group. They are not just our customers; they are our friends. You will not find a more fun-loving, friendly, generous and active group of Harley riders anywhere.

We have been a Harley-Davidson dealer for over 25 years now, and our friends in the Frontier HOG Chapter have been a huge part of our history and our success, for which we are most grateful. From its early start-up two decades ago with a few dozen members, to its current headcount of around 1,000 Harley riders, the Frontier HOG Chapter remains a prominent part of the motorcycling community throughout the Midwest region and beyond.

So join me at our next Chapter Round Up and get a taste of the energy this group puts out. If I don’t know you already, please introduce yourself. I’m the sharp-dressed fella in the bib overalls.

Warmest Regards,

Dave and Deb Fischer
Frontier Harley-Davidson
email - dave@frontierhd.com


Q. How long has Frontier HOG been around?
A. Frontier HOG Chapter 2698 was formed with the help and support of Frontier H-D in 1987.

Q. What if the cost of membership for the Chapter?
A. Still the best deal on the planet! It's still only $20 per year to join Frontier HOG for the calendar year.

Q. Do I have to be a Harley owner to join Frontier HOG?
A. Yes! It's the Harley Owner's Group! You can also join as an associate of a Harley owner. Click members.hog.com

Q. Do I have to be a member of National HOG to be a member of Frontier HOG?
A. Yes! National member ships are available at members.hog.com It is your responsibility to maintain that membership.

Q. Do you have regualr meetings members can attend?
A. Yes! Fontier HOG meets the first Tuesday of every month in the HOG Pen at Frontier H-D. Meetings start at 6:30pm and Social Hour, along with a cooked meal by the World Famous Iron SLOBS start at 5:30pm. Meals are $7.00. Now, there are two exceptions to the meetings. In December, the meeting is held on a Saturday, in conjunction with our annual HOG Christmas Pot Luck party. The secomd exception is the January meeting, which is held on a Saturday, in conjunction with our World Famous Annual Frontier HOG Chili Contest!

Q. What are some of the other benfits of membership?
A. Frontier HOG members enjoy the fellowship of other like-minded Harley Owners at many sponsored events throughout the year. We have organized Dinner Rides, Breakfast Rides, Overnight Destination Rides, Trips, Bike Shows, Poker Runs, Charity Events and many other Chapter Sponsored Events. Get out Here!

Q. Whats the best way to become more involved in Chapter?
A. Start by coming to Chapter meetings and by volunteering for many events thoughout the year. We have need of a great many volunteers at events and it is one of the best way to meet other fellow HOG members. The success of this Chapter revolves around our volunteers. Serve by being a volunteer, Road Captain, Event Coordinator, Iron SLOB or by being a member of the Leadership Team or by becoming a Primary Officer.

Q. At the top of the webpage, there is a place to Log In. Do I need a password for that?
A. No. The Log In section is only for the webmaster who works with the site. Everything on the site is viewable to everyone.